360 Factory Tour (Woodworking Saw) - Optimizing Saw with 2D Scanning

The highly efficient movable rip saws are equipped with 3 or 4 movable blades and 1 to 4 fixed blades. The photoelectric scanning infeed system optimizes lumber cutting and lowers labor costs, leading to an excellent price-performance ratio. The user-friendly operating interface was developed in partnership with an American company called Cameron. The interface incorporates the safer and newer Apple Macintosh system. Supported languages include Mandarin (both Traditional and Simplified), English, Vietnamese and more. The system is easy to operate, even without skilled technicians. The one-of-a-kind auto skew system allows the machine to make the most efficient cuts by scanning the lumber before sawing and making automatic adjustments resulting in minimal waste. The maximum width sawed can reach up to 450-610 millimeters and the system can cut up to 12 pieces of timber each minute, making it 10% more productive than a conventional machine. A report can also be generated after each production detailing the rate of production, quantity produced, along with total length and volume cut. This helps users easily manage production, control inventory, and calculate costs. To learn more about Kuang Yung https://www.kuangyung.com.tw/ Yong Yuan Green Group (motors) https://www.superb-motor.com.tw/ Delta Electronics (servo motors, inverters, and drives) https://www.delta-americas.com/ To know more about #TaiwanSmartMachinery ►Official website│https://twmt.taiwantrade.com/ ►Facebook│https://www.facebook.com/twmachinetools/ ►YouTube│https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3eybWI_CAh679PejE1pug ►Twitter│https://twitter.com/TWMachineTools ►Linkedin│https://linkedin.com/company/taiwan-smart-machinery #TaiwanSmartMachinery #360factorytour #360Video #SmartManufacturing #WoodworkingMachine #Industry4.0 #Saw #KuangYung #YongYuanGreenGroup #DeltaElectronics