COMPUTEX Forum 2019 - 05/29 AI

2019 COMPUTEX Forum - AI Session 共創智慧未來 As Artificial intelligence outbreak last year, it has gradually been implemented into everyone's daily life. By understanding the overall layout of AI, we can construct an imaginative, smart future.人工智慧歷經去年的大爆發,逐步落實應用層面到每個人的日常生活,瞭解AI全面布局,並建構對智慧未來的想像。 Speakers: Arm, NVIDIA, Siemens, Micron, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Google *Due to copyright restrictions, some speeches cannot be published in public. Thank you for your understanding. 因版權問題,部分主講人演講片段不公開,敬請見諒。