360 Factory Tour - Intelligent and High-speed stretch blow moulding machine | Taiwan Smart Machinery

The high-speed stretch blow molding machine is equipped with an intelligent blow molding system - BottleViewer, which allows user to stay in control of production activities in a factory, including production information, production history and machine status in real time with your computer browsers or handheld devices. It aims to assist users in easily entering industry 4.0. The constant temperature and humidity control facility is built for molds production. With extensive mold experts, clients’ ideas are able to be converted into bottle molds, ranging from animals, cartoon characters, architecture or other styles, to ensure products become the market focus. To learn more about CHUMPOWER MACHINERY https://www.chumpower.com/en/index.html Maximart Corporation http://www.maximartcorp.com/index.php YCM https://www.ycmcnc.com/en To know more about #TaiwanSmartMachinery ►Official website│https://twmt.taiwantrade.com/ ►Facebook│https://www.facebook.com/twmachinetools/ ►YouTube│https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3eybWI_CAh679PejE1pug ►Twitter│https://twitter.com/TWMachineTools ►Linkedin│https://linkedin.com/company/taiwan-smart-machinery #TWMT #SmartManufacturing #Intelligent #High-speed #stretch #blow #moulding #machine #Industry40 #CHUMPOWER #BottleViewer #YCM #Maximart