LONG RANGE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. - Sound Absorptive Perforated Gypsum Ceilings & Walls

More info: https://longrange.en.taiwantrade.com/ Starting from 1990, we are the only one supply the 0.5mm dia micro perforation aluminum ceiling tiles and others normal alum. tiles. For it excellent performance of neat look and sound absorption function, this item achieves splendid reputation and applies in airport, Taipei Main Station and hospitals, etc. We have long experience manufacturing ceiling grid (Tbar) systems since 1998 including the normal Tbar and seismic solution Tbar and aesthetic grids for offices, schools, airports and hospitals etc. for resident and commercial appliance. We also have engaged in manufacturing perforated gypsum board since 2005 including the square holes, round holes and slotted holes with diverse aesthetic patterns. ODM and OEM are welcome. Contact us: https://longrange.en.taiwantrade.com/contact/supplier #Taiwantrade Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com