LI CHENG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. - Tapioca pearls, popping ball, milk tea powder, tea powder etc

More info: “LI CHENG BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD.” is a manufacturing company with a first-class food research and development team and rich in health food technology. It has continued many years of health food research and development experience, uses advanced equipment, breaks new technology, and develops products with high quality and innovation To meet the consumer's demand for convenient and fast meal replacement, in terms of taste, it can give consumers a variety of choices and delicious satisfaction, which can be enjoyed at any time. And insist on quality control, constantly innovate research and development technology, and never add preservatives, but also provide professional production (OEM, ODM), brand planning, product development, and more oriented to their individual needs, provide various types of food, professional Education and training and market development related assistance. Our products are developed by a number of elites with professional food science department and nutritionist qualifications to promote Taiwan's high-quality food to the world. Online shop: #Taiwantrade Sourcing more Taiwan Products: