Visit us: Featuring the latest in 3D printing technology, Kingssell includes a robust lineup of industrial-grade products empowering engineers towards the future. About US KINGTEC is a manufacturer of gear reducer, motor & 3D printing equipment. In 1963, KINGTEC started business with gear machining. As industry development, KINGTEC developed new product " Gear Reducer" in order to increase market competition. Recently, due to numerous technology comes out, industries need new equipment & technology to increase competition. Therefore, KINGTEC introduce new product - "3D printer" in order to satisfy high-tech industry. KINGTEC focus on three parts: 1. New Product Research & Manufacture 2. Training for academic organization 3. Cooperate with Taiwan Education Policy KINGTEC have lots of experience in 3D printing equipment industry, no matter enterprise, academic organization or end user, we are able to offer suitable solution to you. Official Web:" Sourcing more Taiwan Products: