IN-SHENG Engineering Co., Ltd (Chemical Pumps)

Know more: Sourcing more Taiwan Products: In 2002, the founder, Han-Ming Wu,established Insheng,the sole manufacturer of plastic pumps in Taiwan.The diameters 25-250mm plastic pumps are the main equipment of steel pickling.He focus on the pumps repaired and developed high-quality plastic pumps can be meet the EU.In 2003,developed Bonding Tools that different temperature can cave 0〜- 0.5μmor bulb 0〜+0.5μm. In 2009,establish a new factory in Pingtung.Buy 5 axis CNC machine and ITRI design software . In 2015, created the first energy-saving diagnostic technology,help Waterworks improved pump energy-saving rate 28~35%.Help Taipower to R&D high-chromium steel impeller increase 1/4 production capacity.In 2017,the Energy Bureau charge ITRI to implement the C40 pump power subsidy.We are the first one qualified and achieved the EU's highest standard C80 in 2018. Our pump efficiency can reach 89.34%.We assisted NANTEX to improve cooling pump.Energy saving rate of 32%, annual electricity savings of $832,000.