Know more:https://easywell.en.taiwantrade.com/ Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com RE: Our products Easywell Water Systems Inc. was established in 1986. In 1990, the company accomplished a major change to a RO water system manufacturer and water filter supplier as well as diverter valve, water drinking faucet, shower filter, filter cartridge...etc. RE: OEM customized manufacturer for water filter systems Although we are OEM and ODM customized manufacturer, easywell offers you special inquiry of water filter or RO systems speedy, such as using your brand logo on water filters, or using your special media in fiter cartridges…etc, which can be in a small number of diverse 。 RE: Products certificates We obtained 5 different items of NSF certificates of in-line post filters、water drinking faucets、sediment filters、membranes as well as 54 items of CE marks, 9 items of Taiwan Excellence Awards、Taiwan Water Seving certificate honored by Taiwan’s government. RE: Offer test center(laboratory) We set up a professional Laboratory since 1992, there are 41 test equipment in easywell test center。All of components and products must be 100% leaking test before shipment. RE: Global products liability insurance In order to let you disburden to use easywell’s products, we are buying USD1,000,000-products liability insurance annually. RE: Products patents Up to now easywell totally obtained 91 patents around USA、Malaysia、China、Taiwan…。 RE: Three pioneer Easywell creates three pioneers in water treatment field, we set up following website free for who needs to download data: 1) water manufacturer guide and global water exhibition data network. https://www.water-filter-manufacturer.com 2) Global water quality analysis data. https://goo.gl/QQddXB 3) Chinese edition water knowledge data bank http://blog.alyawater.com