#2020FshionWorldTokyo #TaiwantradeBooth@7-58 Know more: https://danken.en.taiwantrade.com/ Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com Danken founded in 1985 is a professional hosiery manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan. Our headquarter is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and a knitting factories at Chang Hua (Taiwan). We currently have over 300 knitting machines range from low to high needle count including toe sock and sublimation facilities. Danken product lines including socks, braces, stockings, toe socks, tights, gloves, beanies, headband, wristband and scarf for babies, children, women and men. We also carry kinds of innovative products; such as multi-functional bag, mobile phone bag, namecard bag...etc. *Products: Fashion Furry Sock, Japan Style Decorative Two-toe Sock, Funny Stylish Sublimation Gloves, Classic Pretty Ladies Sock, Lovely Puffer Fish Beanie *Key Features: Stylish Design, Bring all the features and functions of each material into full play.