#2020FshionWorldTokyo #TaiwantradeBooth@7-58 Know more:https://adan.en.taiwantrade.com/ Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com Our mission is to provide all outdoor activities and sports enthusiasts to wear great and professional sports glasses. We maintain high standards to the design and test of our products. No matter jogging, mountain climbing, hiking, long-distance riding, or a golf for holiday, water sports, it’s believed that AD are able to meet your needs and give better performance while you are doing exercise. Our own brand sports sunglasses, locally made with international quality, keep the root of good merchandise stay in Taiwan. In addition to bringing people more different perspectives, more professional protection, and more international fashion, we expect to become the first national brand in the minds of consumers with a reasonable price . Key Features: AD Photochromic Lenses, color change with the UV rays. The stronger UV rays are, the darker the lenses will be. One for day and night use. One for the whole year. With Adjustable nose pad, lightweight, anti-bluray indoors and UV cut outdoors. REVO lenses with AR Coating Enhanced contrast vision Glare free with Polarized lenses Outstanding color perception