360 Factory Tour (Woodworking Moulder) - Intelligent four-side moulder production line

Through the integration of the intelligent four-side moulder production line and the loading (feeding and stacking) peripheral systems, labor expenditures and industrial accident frequency would be greatly reduced. Additionally, introducing intelligent elements and the remote monitoring of the production equipment leads to an optimized production experience for users. The intelligent system (Dreamset System) combines the current machine data acquired from the open IoT cloud for data analysis, providing the "device connection setting", "completion measurement", "motor current monitoring software", "application tool establishment", "tool database", "equipment utilization analysis", "equipment emergency alarm" as the main services. By establishing and analyzing big data, customers can clearly make the optimal choice of tools for their desired product and decrease the cost simultaneously. Moreover, the 723uPower four-side moulder, paired with self-developed software and a touch-screen controller (Powerset), can adapt and shift according to the shape of the tools. To learn more about Leadermac https://www.leadermac.com/ Li Ming Machinery (reducers) http://www.li-ming.com/english/ Fukuta (motors) https://www.fukuta-motor.com.tw/eng/index.html TECO (motors) https://www.teco.com.tw/en To know more about #TaiwanSmartMachinery ►Official website│https://twmt.taiwantrade.com/ ►Facebook│https://www.facebook.com/twmachinetools/ ►YouTube│https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3eybWI_CAh679PejE1pug ►Twitter│https://twitter.com/TWMachineTools ►Linkedin│https://linkedin.com/company/taiwan-smart-machinery #TaiwanSmartMachinery #360factorytour #360Video #SmartManufacturing #WoodworkingMachine #Industry4.0 #Moulder #Leadermac #LiMingMachinery #Fukuta #TECO