FlowTech Co., Ltd. (Damper, Ventilator, Silencer)

Know more: https://flowtech.en.taiwantrade.com/ Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com FlowTech Co., Ltd. was established in the year 1989, The headquarter in New Taipei City. For decades, the wealth of technical experience strong financial, and management systems, human resources, lean, tidy and excellent quality reputation. We providing the most advanced ventilation products, including high and normal temperature fans, smoke dampers, louvers, silencers and smoke curtains, its covers the applications ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure user, We provide the fire engineering design, HVAC, construction and maintenance. In addition to ISO 9001 international quality certification, FlowTech Co., Ltd., is also the first company to obtain AMCA and UL certified testing laboratory and ventilation products, with the ongoing revision of international standards revised to update and verify the maintenance management system, we also effort in full quality improvement by FlowTech Co., Ltd., as the results has won the recongnition and trust of customers worldwide. FlowTech Co., Ltd., has now developed into business with the Public Works Department, Design Department, International Department of Management, Research and Development Division, TAF accredited laboratory, fan plants and wind pipe factories. The company produces a continuous high temperature of 400 degrees in 2 hours of fan operation, has achieved CE certification and ISO 9001 certification, the Laboratory has reward the certification by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundatio (TAF), it also evaluation through a number of products meet the certification requirements AMCA and UL safety performance certification requirements, our quality has been an international standard. In recent years, it’s more active towards to the international goal with growth and stability in the world wide range of business.