SIANG JI ASIA SAUCE CO., LTD. - A Sauce Specialist

More info: S.J. Asia (SIANG JI ASIA SAUCE CO., LTD) is a Taiwan-based sauce company that specializes in manufacturing the classic Spicy Hot Pot Sauce. Besides its distinguish spicy hot pot sauce, S.J. Asia also provides a wide range of Sichuan culinary sauces with its unique and original recipes. The company name “SIANG JI” is the meaning of passion for supplying enjoyable and remarkable Sichuan flavor products to the industry in the fast-moving food trend. The enterprise is established in 1999, starting with making tradition Asian condiments and spices to now become a globally certified processing factory. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, S.J. Asia is known for its innovative products with high-quality ingredients which have grown into a reliable supplier in the foodservice industry. Contact us: #Taiwantrade Sourcing more Taiwan Products: