S-HUNG Enterprises Ltd. - Test Probes

More info:http://shprobe.en.taiwantrade.com S-HUNG Enterprises Ltd. was established in 2017. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the probe testing field. Through the integration of OEM and Know How of probe related products, we have established our own brand and cooperated with many advanced electronic technology companies in Taiwan, Japan and China to help our customers improve yield, reduce cost and increase production efficiency in the testing process. We have many years of experience exporting to Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries. Our quality is comparable to major probe manufacturers such as INGUN QA. Reputation and quality are guaranteed. As our customers are concerned about the concept of environmental protection, we follow the EU requirements, use green processes and are SGS certified and fully compliant with EU WEEE/RoHS requirements. We follow the internal working standards of the company and carefully check every step from raw material procurement, production, assembly, packaging and logistics. Based on excellent service, high efficiency, stable quality, competitive price and on-time delivery, we create good relationship with new customers , and long term cooperation with old customers. Our company can produce various types of contact probes, and we can also customize spring force or tip style according to special needs. If you can't find any model in our catalog, you can send us a picture or any other request. We will check to see if we have the best product for you. Contact us: https://shprobe.en.taiwantrade.com/contact/supplier #Taiwantrade Sourcing more Taiwan Products: https://www.taiwantrade.com