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RedFalcon Technology (Brand is PowerFalcon) was founded in 2000, focused on the design, development, production and sales. Products include highly efficient industrial power supplies, consumer USB fast chargers and USB-PD adapter etc. Our factory pass the ISO9000:2008, It ensure the high quality and consistency. We are committed to innovation, with years of professional power technology and exquisite product design capabilities. As the basis, continue to create a leading fashion power supply and electronic products. RedFalcon/PowerFalcon Technology establishes profession R&D team in TAIWAN and Mainland China currently, Match with market trend, technique innovation and customer's need, carry on the research development of different realm and different layers, provide the customer with good power management solution. RedFalcon/PowerFalcon Technology research and development direction for the stability and uniqueness of the product, and is committed to new technologies and cross-cutting combination, to get rid of competition and enhance the added value. On the other hand with the approach in knowledge times, effectively apply the IT tool, duct into the E-Commerce. Stocks cost, bargain procedure simplification, to immediately control the customer's information, delivery to expect to shorten. 更多商情 立即前往台灣經貿網: