Taiwanese baseball film 'Kano' hits theaters in Japan

The film "Kano," which tells the story of a Taiwanese baseball team's incredible run at a Japanese high school tournament in the 1930s, has hit theaters in Japan on Jan. 24.


Directed by Taiwan's Umin Boya, the predominantly Japanese-language film had its international premiere at the opening of the Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan last March but was not immediately released in cinemas there.


Set in 1931, when Taiwan was a Japanese colony, the film tells the story of the unsung baseball team from Kagi (Chiayi) Agriculture and Forestry Public School, called "Kano" in Japanese.


It chronicles the rigorous training the players underwent as they prepared to travel to Japan for the Koshien, Japan's most prestigious high school baseball tourney at the time, and their incredible run in the tournament against the odds.


NHK anchor Kensuke Okoshi forecast that the film will become a hit in Japan as baseball is a much loved sport in both Japan and Taiwan, according to a United Daily News report.


Hsin-hsuan Tsai thh@taitra.org.tw
Source: Focus Taiwan
Photo: Art’s Film Facebook