Poly Gim, a leader in Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes

Poly Gim Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer of Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes. In particular, the company is a pioneer in the design of the innovated b-axis CNC lathe.

Poly Gim is a leading name in the global CNC lathe market. The company’s machines are sophisticatedly designed to fulfill the needs of modern factories.

According to Poly Gim president, Chin-whei Kua, the highly precise and automatic metal machining capabilities of Poly Gim have enabled modern industries to produce extremely sophisticated parts. Among the fields that employ Poly Gim’s CNC lathes are the electronics, automotive, medical equipment, optical, military, and watch making industries.

The company’s machines are solidly constructed, precise, easy to configure and use, efficient, and can meet the industry standards from around the world. With fully automatic controls and comprehensive tool sets, the machines designed by Poly Gim can serve a wide variety of purposes.

The b-axis CNC lathes developed by Poly Gim have been touted as surpassing even its Japanese industry peers. The machines carry patented designs and are capable of machining processes such as rotary cutting, drilling and tapping at anywhere between 0.001 to 360 degree angles.

As a globally renowned manufacturer, Poly Gim is capable of shipping over 700 high grade CNC lathes to over 40 countries annually. Poly Gim’s machines are particularly well received in the United States and Russia. For CNC machinery from Taiwan, visit Taiwantrade

Tso-ming Liu(tmliu731@taitra.org.tw)

Source: UDN

Photo Credit: Poly Gim