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 Retail sector in Thailand is worth approximately Baht 1.4 trillion (Mordern Trade 40% and Traditional Trade: 60 %) and it is one of the important components of GDP. Retail market is expected to grow at least 3-5% in 2011. There has been significant development of this sector in the past decades with the entrance of new and more modernized players operating under various trading formats in response to the evolving consumers’ behavior. As a result, the competitive pressure in this sector has intensified as players attempted to increase market share amidst the ever-change market environment.

 Thailand retail sector was generally positive in 2010 supported by the recovery of the economy and overall property market. The Retail Sale Index in December 2010 increased to 186.15, this improvement in the last quarter has helped increase interest from both domestic and international retailers.
 In 2011, it is expected that Thailand’s retail market remain strong as Thai economy has improved because of the foreign tourists’ return and the surging demand from Chinese and Indian economies which help increase Thai export sector (the prediction is based on the assumption that there is absolutely no political protest or instability in Thailand for the year 2011).

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